TSSOC Scenario Productions
TSSOC Presents Army of Darkness

T.S.S.O.C. Presents
Army of Darkness

Saturday April 2, 2011
Poco Loco Paintball
Schwenksville, PA

Thank you all for making Army of Darkness one of our best scenarios yet! You are the reason we work so hard to bring you exciting games and we look forward to our next production later this year.

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Player Testimonials

"First and foremost thank you to TSSOC for an awesome game this weekend. JF had a lot of fun. But as always it was a unanimous statement that it was a fun game and a challenge. Thank you again for all of your hard work and for producing another fun paintball game. Thank you to TSSOC for another great game...you guys never fail to impress."
- Michelle "Pickles" Martyn of Assassin's Guild/Joint Fury

"Thanks for a great game it was a close one you all did great job for reffing and putting a great game together. I be back soon to Poco Loco in time. TSSOC, and the reffing staff for a great game."
- Tom "Beaker" Heemer of Exiled Souls

"This goes down as one of Ambush Alpha's all-time favorites. Thanks to everyone who made it happen, on and off the field, on both sides. To TSSOC, Jeff and Poco Loco: Thanks for a great game and all the little extra touches (the catapults, graveyards and army men for paint) really made it all the more memorable. I'll definitely be back."
- James "Alpha" Graham of Ambush Alpha

Army of Darkness

"Awesome game yesterday, great job by TSSOC and Loco Poco!"
- Mike "ComfyMumfy" of KnightStalkers

"What an incredible game. To Poco Loco, TSSOC, and all the refs: You guys put on a quality game and keep making your games a no brainer when it comes to us registering for your games every year. job well done all your hard work definitely shows in the quality of your games."
- Greg "Vito" Wirth of MBP Militia

"What an awesome game! TSSOC yet again you guys produced an amazing game. Every year you guys find a way to raise the bar a little bit more for paintball producers everywhere. The reffing was flawless, great missions and most important in my book everything ran on time."
- Anthony "DeCoz" Decosmo of MSU Redhawks

"TSSOC... Great game and Great Reffing! Well done and looking forward to the Extravaganza game at EMR where I'll be XOing for Pickles."
- Daniel "Barney" Alamo of RT's Raiders/Blue's Crew

"Great game from both sides, refs were right on all day and how do you go wrong with an Army of Darkness game? Thank you TSSOC."
- JJ of Disposable Heroes

"We had a great time yesterday! TSSOC runs a great production and should be commended for their efforts leading up to the day in preparation and during the game. The reffing was superb!"
- Todd "Highway Pirate" Sullivan of the War Hounds

Army of Darkness

"A well managed & smooth running day and thank you to TSSOC for producing another top notch game, we had an awesome time! I just wish we could do more than one scenario a year up there."
- Tom "Noodles" Bolton of MBP Militia

"Another great game put on by TSSOC and Pocoloco. Was one hell of a good time trying to fight up the hill all day. Could not have asked for a better day to play."
- David Robertson of Philly Notorious

"OK overall I liked the game. The theme was good, loved the props especially the catapults. Loved the game play. No overshooting, no unsportsman like behavior that I saw. Overall it was a good and fun game."
- comovartia of Pub Crawling

"TSSOC/Poco Loco: Thank you guys for running one hell of a game once again! Your games are always a blast and we really appreciate the effort, planning, and preparation you put into every part of your games. My only question is: What next?!"
- Mike "Grazi" Graziano of ISH

Army of Darkness

"Thank you Tssoc for making this a memorable game that just put the Scenario bug on my guys."
- Scott "Lurch" Stierly of Sofa Kingdom

"This game was a great representation of why I ENJOY scenario paintball. There were good people, superb sportsmanship, and hard fought play on both sides of the game. My thanks to TSSOC for again putting on an excellent game. This was a hell of game to have as a return to paintball. It was my honor to be at this one. Another thanks to TSSOC for the personalized tombstone. I was in site 'A' in the morning getting shot at from three sides when I looked over and saw my own tombstone. The irony was not lost on me at that moment! I loved it! Thanks guys."
- Chris "The Professor" Westfahl of Ambush Alpha

"This was the perfect event for me to open the playing season with. TSSOC, once again, thank you for putting on a great show. I enjoyed the missions, enjoyed the theme, and like I mentioned to a couple of you that day: I love that you try new things."
- Joe "Jpazz" Parisi of Wulfpak

"Well being that this was my first experience with both a TSSOC and Poco Loco I must say that this combination blew me away. Lasty I just want to say thank you to the two referees who added entertainment value to the day by completely eating shit!!! Once in the parking lot as he was directing traffic, one second he was standing at the edge of the woods directing traffic, the next second he was on his ass in the woods. And the second was at the deadite cp just before game time, one bad step in the muck and boom he went down. Hopefully those refs got to see me eat it as I ran up the castle steps to grab the necromonicon!!!"
- John "Giambi" Brophy of 13th Legionnaires

Army of Darkness

"Every bit a great day! Field, game, paint, air, players all top notch. Damn rocks."
- Pete "Treadstone" Cancelmo of the 13th Legionnaires

"Had a great time. Well run game by TSSOC - the effort they put in really showed in ways I just happened to be in the right place at the right time to see. Situations which would have had refs at other fields sputtering and failing, players flipping out and everyone walking away pissed off were handed calmly and adroitly. Very well done Tri-State!"
- Phil "Silence" Whalen of Forefront

"Thanks to PocoLoco and TSSOC for a really great game! Will always be hitting up these games as long as I can move!"
- Mario "Mariol" Litterio of Team HellKatz


Pre-Registration Entry will be $40, ($49 at-the-door), includes CO2/HPA.
Paint will be $65 per case (field paint only.)

View Game Rules (PDF) | View Game Map (PDF)


Game Schedule

6:30 am - Gates Open
7:00 am - Pre-Registration/Registration
9:15 am - Player Briefing
10:00 am - Game Starts
4:00 pm - Break for Final Battle
4:30 pm - Final Battle
4:45 pm - Game Ends
5:00 pm - Awards Ceremony


Commanding the Humans will be Anthony "DeCoz" Decosmo of the MSU Redhawks Scenario Team
Commanding the Deadites will be George "Shadawg" Shaffer of Delta Paintball Team.


It is the year 1300 and mankind is besieged. Through the power of the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis: The Book of the Dead, dark forces have risen from their graves and are gathering across the realm ready to strike at the last vestiges of humanity. It is a dark time, but there is hope for mankind; his name is Ash, and he works in Housewares. It is time to choose sides: Do you grab your boomstick, say "hail to the king!" and defend mankind alongside Ash and Lord Arthur's Men? Or will you embrace your inner darkness, and join Evil-Ash and his Deadites to swallow the souls of the living? Choose wisely, and for God's sake remember the words: Klaatu, Barada, Nikto!

Accommodations and Travel

Stay tuned here for suggestions and information regarding travel, lodging, camping and more. Specific questions can be directed to tssocreg@gmail.com.

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