TSSOC Scenario Productions

T.S.S.O.C. Presents

Saturday and Sunday
June 15-16, 2013
OXCC Paintball
Chesapeake City, MD

Thank you all for an amazing weekend!

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Player Testimonials

"I cannot say enough good things about this event. When it was announced TSSOC was doing a 2 day event at OXCC I was sold! When I saw it was Fall Out New Vegas I thought that I cant imagine a better field layout for this event. Lets just say TSSOC pushed it past my wildest dreams!

Everything about this event was just about perfect, the organization, reffing, the players, the field, air fills, paint, the missions, the props, the signage, all perfect. I honestly can not think of one bad thing and I do not think that has EVER happened after leaving an event! It actually felt like we were playing a live action of the video game much of the time.

TSSOC congrats on being a new home team and I cant wait for your next event there, you can bet ill be there no questions asked!"

- Chibbs of Team Voodoo

"What a fantastic game. Both sides fought very hard. However the raiders kicked both your butts."
- Redic from Sprye Bane

"Another excellent TSSOC production, once again I had a great time and so did my crew. It's nice to be able to attend a game and know that the refs know what they are doing and perform their duties. Thanks TSSOC again for what you do and your attention to detail."
- Grelvire of Spyre Bane

"Just got home, need to eat and clean gear. But first, I wanted to say that missing a TSSOC game is a HUGE mistake. These are some of the best run games I've ever been to. Refs that actually care, know rules when you ask and who will dive into a firefight to pull a player or help him get out. Awesome production values, hands down the most effort I've ever seen put into making a field look theme appropriate. Where other fields tape up some laminated paper with the field name, TSSOC shows up with a 10ft wooden sign straight out of the theme. These guys pour their heart and souls into their games and it shows. Just let me know when the next one is and I'm there. Well done guys and thanks for all your efforts."
- Phil "Silence" Whalen of Forefront

"Couldn't agree more with all my Raider brethren. By far the most intricate yet accessible game I have played in my decade doing this. I will post the long post later, but I want to go on record as requesting--check that--DEMANDING another TSSOC production at OXCC in the future. Who's with me?"
- James "Alpha" Graham of Ambush Alpha

"Outstanding game this weekend. I had an absolute blast. You guys go miles beyond the average producers in everyway. Excellent reffing, attention to detail and amount of props and gameplay second to none. I will not miss any games you guys put together if it at all within the power of mortal man. Hands down the best run game I've ever played."
- Patchez

"Huge thank you to the crew of TSSOC and the staff of OXCC paintball. Excellent game this past weekend. Don't throw those props away, as I see ya'll doing this again next year!!!...had an excellent time, there was great sportsmanship on the field from both teams...(yes, even the raiders!) :) Great to see a bunch of friends that I haven't seen in a number of years and sling paint both with ya and at ya...Thank you again guys...ya'll done good!"
- K.R. "Trapper" Davis of Assault & Battery

"WOW---What a game !!! Whoever wanted to come to this came and didn't well ya missed a GREAT GAME, Everything was done very well. To keep the list short..EXCELLENT signage..you just felt that you were there. PROPS...so many and the labels on the sodas were very well done, REFS--all over the place and on the ball. They worked their butts off all weekend. Well done Refs and last but not least the Sportsmanship was great. Thank You OXCC and TSSOC for a great game."
- John M. "Doc" Davis of Assault & Battery

"I absolutely agree with all three gentlemen above!!! I went to TSSOC's game last year at Poco Loco and I thought it was one of the best I had been to with the detail on the field and in the game itself. This one blew it away! You guys think of everything to make the experience as real to the theme as possible! I had a blast and will always do everything in my power to be there in the future. Great job to all the teams and individuals who player this one! Congrats to Blue on the win."
- Jason "Trooper" Davila of Hostile Takeover

Scenario Background

War. War never changes. Though the fires of the Great War brought mankind to the very brink of extinction, one city stands alone as the last remaining bastion of civilization. Las Vegas, Nevada, a city built on risk, luck, and beating the odds, was largely spared the devastation of the outside world when the bombs fell all those years ago. Now, after more than two centuries comparative calm, the reborn and rebranded city of New Vegas will soon become a battlefield in the war its people, for so long, were able to avoid; a war fought for control of the Mohave Wasteland and one of the new world's scarcest resources: Electricity. With the mighty Hoover Dam producing near-limitless power for the city, New Vegas has become a shining beacon of neon light in an otherwise dark and lifeless world. The only question is, who will be drawn to this beacon, who has the resolve to secure it, and how will they use its overwhelming power?

Storming out of the West and claiming the all-important Hoover Dam for themselves, the forces of the New California Republic seek to pick up the pieces of the Old World and re-establish democracy and justice for all the people of the Wasteland; at the barrel of a gun, if necessary. Well-trained, well-supplied and with a right and just cause to give them purpose, the NCR seems poised to bring the Hoover Dam and the city of New Vegas under their control.

However, from the East bank of the Colorado River comes a merciless new threat from Caesar's Legion, an insular and enigmatic empire built upon the indomitable strength and unflinching loyalty of its fanatical soldiers. Under the tyrannical rule of Caesar, the Legion is singularly-minded in their crusade to conquer the Hoover Dam, capture New Vegas, subjugate its residents, and give their glorious emperor that which he desires most: a new Rome upon which to expand his empire. With the fate of New Vegas and Western North America at stake, only time would tell if the incomparable training and firepower of the NCR or the indefatigable zeal and brutality of the Legion will be enough to secure the West's greatest prize...

Because war...war never changes.


Pre-Registration pricing (through midnight 6/12/13): $45 entry (Includes CO2/HPA,) $55 per case for Valken Redemption (field paint only).

General Registration pricing (after midnight 6/12/13): $50 entry (Includes CO2/HPA,) $65 per case for Valken Redemption (field paint only).

Any registration, pricing or additional questions please contact OXCC Paintball at (410) 885-5555 or online.

View Game Rules (PDF) | View Game Map (PDF)

Game Schedule

3:00 PM - Gates open for camping setup
10:00 PM - Gates closed for camping setup

7:00 AM - Store, pre-registration and registration windows, compressed air, paint sales open
7:30 AM - Chrono open
9:00 AM - Safety Orientation and Game Rules (chrono and compressed air close during briefing)
7:00 PM - OXCC Customer Appreciation player party

7:00 AM - Store, chronos, compressed air and paint sales open
1:00 PM - GAME STAND DOWN for Final Battle
1:45 PM - FINAL BATTLE begins
2:15 PM - FINAL BATTLE ends
2:45 PM - Prize giveaways and Awards Ceremony


The New California Republic will be commanded by Pete "Cookie Monster" Murphy from Exiled Souls TSSOC Presents FALLOUT : NEW VEGAS

Caesar's Legion will be commanded by Fred "Big Bo" Young of Sons of Vengeance TSSOC Presents FALLOUT : NEW VEGAS

The Raiders (third entity) will be led by James "Alpha" Graham from Ambush Alpha TSSOC Presents FALLOUT : NEW VEGAS

XOs will be announced shortly.

Accommodations and Travel

There will be free camping available at OXCC. Reserve camping with your pre-registration or contact OXCC Paintball at (410) 885-5555. Please review OXCC Camping Rules.

Event Sponsors

Guerrilla Air Lapco Paintball OXCC Paintball TechT

Tiberius Arms Tippmann Valken Dye Tactical

Flasc Paintball Furious Paintball Sport Smoke Paintball Jug

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