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TSSOC Presents ROME : 2045

T.S.S.O.C. Presents
ROME : 2045

March 17, 2012
Poco Loco Paintball
Schwenksville, PA

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Player Testimonials

"Played this game today and everybody played great. Absolutely stand up group of guys running and reffing this field, Jeff does an absolutely great job at keeping this field going and it is truely a fun field to play on."
- Sheehan814 of Hostile Takeover

"Had a blast today. The refs were great, and I felt bad for those guys: I've never seen refs get shot up so much with players using them as bunkers. The field was in great condition and I was very impressed by how active the staff was in keeping things clean. All in all, though, it was a great experience. TSSOC puts on a great show and I'll definitely be back. Jeff knows how to take care of his customers and has an amazing facility. Great show, guys."
- anticastropgeon of Hostile Takeover

"TSSOC...you guys are always impressive!! It would be an honor and a pleasure for Hostile Takeover to play with you guys. I have played with most of you a couple of times, always a great time. This is the first time at a game you produced. All i can say is, OUTSTANDING!! The details you guys have are awesome. My guys and I had a blast. I look forward to playing another one in the future. Jeff...Great field! I loved some of those bunkers. Its obvious you put a lot of work and pride into your field. We had a great time! I hope everyone has a fun and successful season!! Hope to see you on the field! TSSOC....i just want to take the opportunity to thank you again for an Outstanding scenario. Loved the census idea and no break for lunch. We got more playing time and loved it. The census seemed to get people to cut their breaks short a bit also."
- Jason "Trooper" Davila of Hostile Takeover

"TSSOC you guys did another AWESOME game and i was glad to be apart of it"
- Rob "BGR" Maxwell of SOV

"I had a great time playing this game. Everything was setup great, the missions were awesome, the firefights were great, the use of props made this game so much fun. TSSOC, you guys handled the reffing very well, calling players out when you saw them getting hit. It is always great to play with a group of guys that I don't normally play with."
- Joe "JoKeR" Carolan of Northeast Assassins

"On behalf of the entire Ragnarok Paintball Team I'd like to thank everyone for making today a great time. It was our first time at Poco Loco and we all had a blast. We'll definately be coming back in the future. The game was well run and the refs and staff did an OUTSTANDING job. To al of my friends and teams in attendance today it was awesome playing with and againts all of you and we can't wait to do it again!"
- China of Ragnarok

"I have to agree with my teammate I had a blast playing today and the refs were extremely on point and very professional I will deff be back for future games it was fun running with all the julii teams and the brutii side gave one hell of a fight. I would glady share the field of battle with any of the teams today"
- Animal of Ragnarok

"Thanks to TSSOC for the great game as usual. They are in the unfortunate position of having to deal with a rapidly rising bar of excellence in scenario production, and they pull out more and more stops every time. Major kudos to you all. Thanks to Jeff and the Poco staff for a great field experience and excellent paint and air. We've come to expect nothing else from this establishment, and you all live up to our expectations consistently."
- James "Alpha" Graham of Ambush Alpha

"Actions speak louder then words, and from what i saw, TSSOC did a great job, reffing and producing this game... Hope to be returning to one of your games soon... It was a blast... If your ever in the need for someone to command one of your games again, don;t be afraid to ask!!! I had a blast!!!!"
- Fred "Big Bo" Young of SOV

"thanks to everyone who was at this game, it was a great start to the season, especially to Jeff for hosting the game and to tssoc for creating such a great scenario, can't wait till the next one from you guys."
- Randy "Merlin" Patry of Ambush Alpha

"TSSOC - As always, your events are spectacular! The missions thought out, Loved the Census idea, and the Reffing was top shelf. Keep them coming! Looking forward to playing with you guys at the next event as well."
- Pat "Gekkgo" Trongo of Sofa Kingdom

"TSSOC: Thank you for putting on a great game. Game mechanics and game flow were perfect. We can't say much about missions and role playing, because we're a run and gun team, but it seemed that missions were going well. Reffing was outstanding, as it usually is when a quality scenario team does the job. Valken seems to be everywhere these days, which is good, because paint shot well. Better than I remember from previous games. QuickShot air fills are the best. When we see them at an event, we know that we're getting 4500 all day. Poco Loco is a fun field. Love zigzagging through those big boulders. Nice amount of structures."
- Shadow One of Team Pain

"TSSOC: Great job guys! I had no real big complaints or issues and I know it's hard as hell to run a game! Hard work good reffing, good props and funny missions! I can't wait for the next one!"
- Mike "Grazi" Graziano of Ish

"TSSOC, players and refs, thank you for a great day out."
- Joe "Jpazz" Parisi of Wulfpak

"SoVa appreciates all the shout-outs and kudos from so many respected teams and players! We enjoyed our trip north and were blown away by the amount of detail that TSSOC put into the props and missions. They always do a phenomenal job with their events! It was truly a pleasure just to walk around the field and enjoy the atmosphere they created with the Rome theme and music."
- Raptor of SoVa


House of Julii - 9815 Influence Points
House of Brutii - 5525 Influence Points


MVP - Mike "Grazi" Graziano of ISH
MVT - Sofa Kingdom
MoFO - Pub Crawling

MVP - Michelle "Pickles" McCarthy of Assassin's Guild/Joint Fury
MVT - SOVA Spec Ops
MoFO - Ragnarok

View Game Rules (PDF) | View Game Map (PDF)


Pre-Registration Price: $40 (includes CO2/HPA) Registration at field $50. Paint: $65 per case for Valken Graffiti (field paint only). There is a 300 player cap to this game. Free open play on Sunday, March 18, 2012 with your wristband and player ID card.

Game Schedule

6:30 am - Gates Open
7:00 am - Pre-Registration/Registration
9:15 am - Player Briefing
10:00 am - Game Starts
4:00 pm - Stand down to prepare for Final Battle
4:45 pm - Final Battle
5:15 pm - Game Ends
5:30 pm - Awards Ceremony


The House of Julii will be led by Frederick "Big Bo" Young of Sons of Vengeance Paintball.

The House of Brutii will be led by Colt "Phoenix" Dickerson of the 68th Legion

Scenario Background

The year is 2045, and the Empire of Rome rules many nations, but cannot rule itself. In an alternate future, dominion over the Empire is contested by two ancient and noble families, the House of Julii and the House of Brutii, eternal adversaries whose enormous wealth is matched only by their desire for power. In the name of the Emperor, these two families wage perpetual wars of conquest across the globe which have made them all the more rich and popular. While Rome has enjoyed a period of relative prosperity and stability, news has arrived at the front that the noble Gnaeus Septimius Maximus, the capable and long-standing Emperor of Rome, has gone to his ancestors, leaving the throne and the title unclaimed. With the Senate and People of Rome calling for new leadership, and with time of the essence, the leaders their respective families of mobilize the elite of the elite amongst their mighty legions and make haste for the city, driven forward by the desire to win the hearts and minds of the people and claim the title of Emperor before their ancient adversary can do the same. The only question was who would get there first...

The game will incorporate many unique and fascinating gameplay factors, including purchasable buildings, interactive roleplayers, unusual multi-part missions, and powerful in-game perks, such as chemical gas attacks, specialized player roles, Anti-Aircraft guns, deployable pill boxes, helicopter insertions, UAV reconnaissance, field hospitals, and personal infantry shields. This is a game not to be missed!

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